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  • My God, 

When I take a look at the sun, moon and stars 

The dew upon the lilies 

The way you partition the waters, 

I’ll drop my cap and sing praises on your Holy hill .

  • My Savior,

When I imagine the plans of the enemies 

The arrows by day and pestilence by night 

Their weapons and actions are enormous, 

Yet! Am not moved cos for my sake you’ll fight. 

  • My Provider, 

You sent help when I least expected 

You clothed me with choice wool and silk

Despite the recession, you got me exempted

Am fresh cos you fed me with honey and milk. 

  • My Mentor, 

You started this ministry called Medicine, 

On Adam you performed the first surgery, 

Today am your mentee, what a coincidence, 

That my God is the greatest teacher of Medicine & Surgery. 

  • My Sweetheart, 

I’ll caress you with words and strings

A new song from a grateful heart

will I bring with a dance offering 

Cos over and over again, YOU’VE WON MY HEART



I have a dream 

That one day I’ll be the leader of my team

That I’ll wield so much influence 

Among men of good conscience.
I have a dream 

That I’ll be among men of high esteem

With a heart of gold,

Render quality care to both young and old.
I have a dream 

Polished with divine cream

That among my peers I’ll stand tall

Ready to obey the medical call. 
I have a dream 

A doctor’s dream

That I’ll discharge my duties with competency 

And practice with keen proficiency.

By Nwadike  Precious 

You Are My Reality 

When the sky fade

And all around seem vain 

Over my head there is no shade, 

And am left in serious pain. 
When my goals like diadem

Seem a million miles away

And I push so hard to chase them

Yet foes and friends try to block my way. 
I’ll always fall back to you

The source of my strength 

I know I’ll always need you 

My backbone and might.
You are my reality,

In you will I trust

I call you my everything 

Even when the world my peace disrupt. 

 By Nwadike Precious 


-I know a man

Who said; Lazarus come forth!

He is God made man

And Lazarus from the tomb came out.
-His father spoke to a raven,

Feed a man by the brook.

To pay his taxes, he got a penny

From a fish on a hook.
-He was leaning

On a pillow in the boat

He was sleeping

Though cold without a coat.
-Then his disciples cried, master! master!!

We are about to perish

Realising he is a commander

Of the wind, impossible to perish.
-Just a word, the sea was calm

He is the son of God, you needn’t wonder

For joy they sang a psalm

What a great man whose words were Power.
-He gave that power to all who on him have faith,

As chosen vessels indeed, he has filled us with power,

To a patient or a perishing course mate,

We must speak the word;


Am award winning poem @Christian Medical and Dental Association, IMO State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu chapter EDITORIAL COMPETITION 2016

By Nwadike Precious 


To the one who will compliment me

Who will fill that vaccum

Who will always be there for me

Who i’ll call my own

Painting a picture of you wont be unrealistic

Not as if i dont know how

Just been emotional, am not a lunatic

Wooing you? No not now

I know i’ve been too silent and shy

Trying to fit into the picture of your dreamman

You must have been wondering why

Am huzzling hard so i can take you to your dreamland

I have you in my mind everyday

You’re always in my lips each time i pray

Wishing you success and greater pay

In all your endeavors each passing day.
By Nwadike Precious 


There were times when i felt so dry
So useless and thirsty

The heat within went high

The temperature kept rising till i could no longer bear.
For fear of death i began a search

No jokes! It was more difficult than a research

But like the dear, i pressed on

In search of water to drink and live on
Then i encountered a personality

Who peeped into my thirsty soul and met my need(water)

Till today, its still a reality

Out of His belly flowed River of Living waters.
Now i’ve discovered a fountain

Out of which floweth living waters

A fountain, powerful enough to move a mountain

Into my thirsty soul flows this pure water.
By Nwadike Precious 


I am procrastination,
A killer disease

I’ve brought down kings and nations,

I did that with ease

Am seriously in the business of ruining men’s future

Nuture me and i’ll cut deep down into you

Grant me space to stay,

I’ll slay you and leave you to always say;

I’ll find a convenient time!

I’ll fix that next time!

It can wait till some other time!

There can be another time!

I am a killer of time

One that has dealth with men

And they’ll always cry;no

One more time! One more time!!

Procrastination; The disease i dread most
It has brought to nought

The ‘would be’ great man who to it played host

If you desire to be great, to this disease or it’s vector, TURN NOT!!
By Nwadike I Precious 

Academic Proficiency 

   The word proficiency simply means ability, skill or competence. Academic skill or competence is a quality that is desired by all yet only a microscopic few know the secret. Read on!!
 Academic proficiency is not an inborn trait neither is it a sexlinked trait, it is a conglomeration of hard work and grace.
{1}Hardwork– Proverbs 22vs29

   This entails; 

(i) Consistent study(4-8hrs daily)

(ii) Group discussion

(iii) Regular attendance at lectures and practical sessions

(iv)Frequent visit to the museum (preclinical students)

(v) Regularity at Ward rounds(clinical students) etc.
{2} Grace [Spirit of Excellence]– Luke2vs40,46; Daniel1vs17-20

   The place of God’s grace in our academics cannot be overemphasized. God’s grace is that which keep you going even when others are stagnant. With Grace you’ll have a smooth ride in your academics as opposed to academic struggle.

  To tap into this grace you must;

(i) Have a personal relationship with the giver of grace(The God of excellence)– Matthew 11vs28

(ii) Gear God– Proverbs 9vs10

(iii) Read and meditate on His word– Joshua 1vs8.

Academic proficiency is achievable, it is a must for you.

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